Music & Art Ruined

So, what do you think of the music today? Is it good, creative, express feelings, has any depth, can we relate with it, are there any messages (Good or bad), can we call it an ART, has any soul…what is it that ruined music so badly….

I am not just saying this because i am a Rock n’ Roll fan, but whatever the genre of music is, it has lost its soul, true creativity & originality.

I blame two main culprits, that ruined all forms of art. Technology & Corporate Culture.

Musicians & artists are not creative these days, in fact they are created. They are products just like condoms, they use them, screw them & throw them away in the gutter when used. You may call them robots who are programmed to do what is acceptable by the corporate culture & helps in generating maximum REVENUES!

Money, Money, Money Everything is about money these days…Creativity, Art, Feelings, Expressions don’t matter. Everybody  wants to be a star not a true artist or a musician.


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