Pink Floyd Facts

During the recording of “The Dark Side Of The Moon“, the guys from Pink Floyd wrote on little papers questions like “Are you afraid of death?” and gave them to everyboy that was working at Abbey Road studio at the time. This included all the roadies, sound technicians, the Irish doorman, and even Paul McCartney who was recording on the same studio. The answers to the questions were recorded, and the best ones were put on the disc. However, Paul’s answers weren’t put on the disc because “he tried to be funny”.

Ummagumma (a Pink Floyd cd) is (british) slang for sex.

Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” LP was originally released in blue plastic shrink wrap; you could not see the cover unless you bought it.

If the song “Empty Spaces” from “The Wall” is played backwards, you can hear the phrase “You have now discovered the secret message of Rock ‘N Roll…please write”.

Pink Floyd’s original name was Sigma 6. The band included Roger Waters on bass,Nick Mason on drums, Richard Wright on keyboard, Bob Close on guitar, and Syd Barret also on guitar. With Syd’s influence, the band changed their name to The Pink Floyd Sound, named after Pink Anderson and Floyd Council

Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is dedicated to the band’s former leader Syd Barret

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