Led Zeppelin “Celebration Day”

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin will release the movie of their 2007 reunion show under the title Celebration Day on DVD and as a cinema feature.

The 2hr4min production will play in selected theatres across the world on October 17 following premieres in London, New York, Los Angeles and other major cities. Tickets for the public screenings will be available on September 13 via LedZeppelin.com.

Celebration Day will then go on sale in video and audio formats on November 19.

Over 20 million people applied for 18,000 tickets when Led Zeppelin announced they’d play London’s O2 Arena to celebrate the life of Atlantic Records boss Ahmet Ertegun.

Drummer John Bonham’s son Jason performed with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, leading to plans for further shows together, which then ground to a halt when frontman Plant decided not to remain involved.

The Celebration Day announcement came after Led Zeppelin spent five days teasing fans with online countdown images and teaser sound clips.

Meanwhile, the band have been named as recipients of the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors. The organisation says the band “transformed the sound of rock and roll with their lyricism and innovative song structures, infusing blues into the sound of rock and roll and laying the foundation for countless rock bands.”

Celebration Day track list

01. Good Times, Bad Times
02. Ramble On
03. Black Dog
04. In My Time Of Dying
05. For Your Life
06. Trampled Underfoot
07. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
08. No Quarter
09. Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You
10. Dazed And Confused
11. Stairway To Heaven
12. The Song Remains the Same
13. Misty Mountain Hop
14. Kashmir
15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Rock And Roll


Jimmy Page

After the death of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham in 1980, guitarist Jimmy Page refused to even pick up a guitar for nearly nine months.

Bought the house Aleister Crowley once owned in Scotland on the Loch Ness as a retreat. Sold it to hoteliers in the 1980s.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of The Yardbirds, in 1992. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of Led Zeppelin, in 1995.

The Gibson EDS-1275 6/12-string doubleneck that he used on live performances of the classic “Stairway to Heaven“, and later on “The Song Remains the Same” and “The Rain Song“, had to be especially ordered from the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, because it had only been available in the company catalogue from 1962 to 1966.

Page also produced all of the Led Zeppelin albums, re-masters and some boxed sets.

Was originally invited to replace Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds, but refused and recommended his friend Jeff Beck. He later changed his mind and joined, replacing bassist Paul Samwell-Smith. However, when Chris Dreja switched to bass, he went back to playing guitar.

After Led Zeppelin broke up, Page would not allow anybody to sing “Stairway to Heaven” during live performances; he would instead play the song as an instrumental. He felt that no one could do the song justice except Robert Plant.

Led Zeppelin

In 1966, Jimmy Page joined the blues-influenced rock band, The Yard birds, to replace bassist Paul Samwell-Smith. Page soon switched from bass to lead guitar, creating a dual lead-guitar line-up with Jeff Beck. Following the departure of Beck in October 1966, The Yardbirds began to wind down. The Yardbirds played their final gig in July 1968 at Luton College of Technology in Bedfordshire, England.

Drummer Jim McCarty and vocalist Keith Relf authorised Page and bassist Chris Dreja to use “The Yardbirds” name to fulfil the band’s obligations. Page and Dreja began putting a new line-up together. Page’s first choice for the lead singer was Terry Reid, but Reid declined the offer and suggested Robert Plant, a Stourbridge singer for The Band of Joy and Hobbstweedle. Plant eventually accepted the position, recommending former Band of Joy drummer John Bonham. When Dreja dropped out of the project to become a photographer (he would later take the photograph that appeared on the back of Led Zeppelin’s debut album), John Paul Jones, at the suggestion of his wife, contacted Page about the vacant position. Having known Jones from his session days, Page agreed to let him join as the final member.

The four played together for the first time in a room below a record store onGerrard StreetinLondon. Page suggested that they attempt “Train Kept A-Rollin'”, originally a jump blues song popularised in a rockabilly version by Johnny Burnette, which had been covered by The Yardbirds. “As soon as I heard John Bonham play”, recalled Jones, “I knew this was going to be great …

The band completed the Scandinavian tour as The New Yardbirds, playing together for the first time in front of a live audience at Gladsaxe Teen Clubs inGladsaxe,Denmark, on 7 September 1968. Later that month, they began recording their first album, which was based upon their live set. The album was recorded and mixed in nine days, and Page himself covered the costs. After the album’s completion, the band were forced to change their name after Chris Dreja issued a cease and desist letter, stating that Page was only allowed to use the New Yardbirds name for the Scandinavian dates. One account of how the new band’s name was chosen held that Keith Moon and John Entwistle suggested that a super group containing themselves, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck would go down like a “lead balloon”, a British idiom for disastrous results. The group dropped the ‘a’ in lead at the suggestion of their manager, Peter Grant, so that those unfamiliar with the phrase would not pronounce it “leed”. The word “balloon” was transformed into “zeppelin”, perhaps an exaggeration of the humour, and to Page the name conjured the perfect combination of heavy and light, combustibility and grace

Some Rock and Roll Deaths

Jimi Hendrix, Age 27, September 18, 1970 London, England Asphyxiation on vomit

Jim Morrison (The Doors), Age 27, July 3, 1971 Paris, France Heart failure (disputed)

Elvis Presley, Age 42, August 16, 1977 Memphis, Tennessee, USA Heart attack

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Age 32, September 25, 1980 Windsor, England Asphyxiation on vomit

John Lennon (The Beatles), Age 40, December 8, 1980 New York City, New York, USA Shot to death by Mark David Chapman

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Age 35, August 27, 1990 East Troy, Wisconsin, USA Helicopter accident

Steve Clark (Def Leppard), Age 30, January 8, 1991 London, England Accidental overdose of painkillers, anti-depressants, and alcohol

Freddie Mercury (Queen), Age 45,  November 24, 1991 London, England Complications due to AIDS

Frank Zappa, Age, 52 December 4, 1993 Los Angeles, California, USA Prostate cancer

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Age 27, April 5, 1994 Seattle, Washington, USA Suicide

Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Age 34, April 5, 2002 Seattle, Washington, USA Speedball overdose

Johnny Cash, Age 71, September 12, 2003 Nashville, Tennessee, USA Complications from diabetes

Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd), Age 60, July 7, 2006 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England Pancreatic cancer

Michael Jackson, Age 50, June 25, 2009 Los Angeles, California, USA Cardiac arrest

Les Paul, Age 94, August 13, 2009 White Plains, New York, USA Pneumonia

Ronnie James Dio (Dio & Black Sabbath), Age 44, March 8, 2011 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Prescription Drug Overdose

Stairway To Heaven “Backwards”

When “Stairway To Heaven” is played backwards, you can hear the phrase “oh here’s to my sweet satan..the one who’s little path would make me sad, whose power is satan..he’ll give you give you 666 there was a little toolshed where he would make us suffer, sad in the part of “if there’s a bustle…”

Here are the complete backwards lyrics, i am not sure if its true but do share if you know any thing…

Hear why its sung here, oppositioner..
on track, all arriving
They all sing, and they are one.
Shall I loathe you now, parishoner?
Oh hear Him, Christian within me.
It stirs my sin; the river,
Oh, she swells with our lousiness.
All my life will end for him?
We’re all out of signs,
I know I’m sorta shocked
To hear The Lord,
My God now will save me!

Oh I will n’er be saved,
Because I live with Satan..
One wish today;
That you’ll all pray for
Three who will make it here late.
Pray now and you’ll see..
The ‘Lord’ turned me on,
But, oh, I was the shaggy fool..
Clothed in agony,
Lost at a height.
There’s no escaping it,
Nor his woes..
So here’s to my Sweet Satan.
The other’s little path
Would make me sad,
Whose power is fake.
He’ll give those with him 666.
And all the evil fools,
they know he made
us suffer sadly.
“Family won’t get loose,
They’ve offered me.”
Always soothes the worker.
Always will be as we know now
“I see ruins,” said he,
“the world they offered me?
Who wished the Lord’s fall?”
If we lose feather,
Say you’ll save me!

And no wimps can bend the rules..
And no wimps can do..

Hunt next to the shore,
‘Cause they see all from there,
See here’s the news,
Who walks with mute grief!
Perhaps no-one found thee…
“Heavy, lift me out,”
Spake the Reve,
“Someday, failed, we’ll lose one line-up,
They’ve gotta leave forsaken.”

And no wimps can do..
And no wimps can do…

He, who say the lords
Thoth have our laws,
Maat must be superb. Mass is ended..
Over there,
He who should learn thee.
Any moot¹ that serves by my sworn music,
I wish it with snow be shushed,
All for my mass’s sake.
Hear why its sung,
here, oppositioner, Ohh..
He who should show
May make his show worthy,
To look, for us, odd.. sickly,
There’s one chance – take his show.
Hold thy head,
Hear why its sung here. oppositioner.
Who owns this earth built below?
Oh sweet Israel..